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Arrow Exterminating is proud to have helped Long Island residents with bee, wasp, and hornet control for over 75 years. These stinging insects come with the area and are welcomed in many cases, but when they build their nests too close to or inside our homes, they can become dangerous. Trying to conduct your own bee and wasp removal can result in a fury of painful stings. This is why it's important to work with a professional wasp technician.

Our bee and wasp control team can safely remove nests from your property and keep you safe from dangerous stinging insects year-round.

Nest Removal for Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

We are all aware of the environmental contributions that bees, wasps, and hornets make—they are essential contributors to the workings of our local ecosystems through pollination. However, when these stinging insects start to get too comfortable making their homes on our properties, it can create a dangerous environment. Because wasps and hornets can be aggressive, it’s important to work with an experienced wasp removal company to get rid of them. 

Bee, Wasp & Hornet Control Services for YOUR HOME

How We Handle Pest Control For Bees, Wasps, and Hornets

When you find a nest on or around your property, make sure to leave it alone and refrain from knocking it down yourself. Leave it to the experts at Arrow Exterminating who have over 75 years of experience in bee and wasp removal. 

Our licensed and certified wasp technicians take these steps to protect you from stinging insects:

  1. We will conduct a thorough property inspection to identify the source of the stinging insect and all nesting sites.
  2. Then, we will implement safe and humane hornet or wasp removal procedures using professional appliances
  3. All nests will be safely removed, relocated, or disposed of as seen fit.
  4. Our team will take exclusion measures to stop further bees and wasps from nesting on your property. 

Bee, Wasp and Hornet Removal for YOUR BUSINESS

Bee, Wasp, & Hornet Prevention For Your Commercial Property

Stinging insects can make your business space unfit to host customers and create health risks for your employees. Wasps and hornets will forage in gardens, garbage cans, and trees, looking for proteins and sugary foods, so restaurants and food processing facilities are at a high risk for infestations. No matter what kind of business you run, it’s important to work with experienced wasp technicians. 

Arrow Exterminating offers reliable and effective hornet and wasp control services to protect Long Island businesses year-round.

Arrow Exterminating Reviews

Extremely professional, always on time, and, most importantly, highly effective service that really works. Keep it local and go with the best.

– Vitali H.

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