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How do bed bugs spread on Long Island?

Bed bugs spread most often when they catch a ride on purses, suitcases, luggage, or backpacks. Most bed bug infestations can be traced to:

  • Items that have been infested brought home by someone living in a college dormitory
  • Having recently traveled and stayed at an infested hotel
  • Purchasing used furniture or clothing that’s infested with bed bugs

Once bed bugs are in the home, infestations may spread to other parts of the home.

two bed bugs on their way to feed

How do bed bugs move around?

Bed bugs move by crawling, which they do very slowly, but stealthily. They find a hiding place near their food source and often only come out when you’re asleep, so there’s no need to be speedy. After feeding, they return with their engorged bodies to their hiding place until the next time they’re hungry. It isn’t often, but sometimes you’ll catch bed bugs crawling on your walls.

Do bed bugs spread rapidly on Long Island?

Bed bugs cannot fly or jump long distances like other pests. They’re not quick, either. For the most part, bed bugs rely on unwitting humans to transport them after they’ve gone inside a bag, luggage, purse, or other item that’s being moved from one place to another.

This is why infestations are often linked to recent travel, and why your awareness is the best tool there is to slow or stop the spread of bed bugs. Especially with their quick life cycle, it is important to do all that you can to prevent them from spreading.

Are bed bugs contagious between people?

They’re not like fleas in the sense that they live on one animal, and then jump to another. They don’t do well in the heat, and the human body is simply too warm. Bed bugs instead live in beds, furniture, bags, and cracks and crevices in the house. So although they aren’t “contagious” in the direct sense, they do easily spread from place to place via personal belongings. 

If you think it’s possible you may have accidentally brought bed bugs home recently, don’t wait to find out. A professional bed bug extermination company can tell you right away.

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