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Squirrels aren’t just a very common rodent on Long Island…. They’re also so cute that every January 21 is Squirrel Appreciation Day. Squirrels are also a lot more interesting than you may think.

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Some fascinating facts about squirrels:

  1. Gray squirrels are common on Long Island, but there are 280 species of squirrel.
  2. Squirrels are born blind.
  3. While flying squirrels can’t fly like birds or butterflies, they can glide between trees for distances up to 300 feet.
  4. Squirrels can turn their ankles 180 degrees while climbing.
  5. Their hind legs are double-jointed. This allows them to run up and down trees quickly and they’re one of very few creatures who can run down a tree headfirst.
  6. Mating season is February through May. On average, each litter has two to four babies.
  7. Squirrels live all over the world – except Australia.
  8. The smallest type of squirrel is the African pygmy squirrel. It’s only five inches long from nose to tail.
  9. The Indian giant squirrel is three feet long!
  10. As with other members of the rodent family, squirrels have four front teeth that never stop growing. Constant gnawing keeps them in check.
  11. Some types of ground squirrels will work together in groups, using a whistle call to warn each other of approaching danger.
  12. Tree sap is a delicacy to certain species of squirrels.
  13. Tree squirrels commonly eat nuts, acorns, berries, and flowers but some will also eat bark, eggs, or even baby birds.
  14. Squirrels use a mix of vocalizations and scent marking to communicate.
  15. Squirrels use their tails to signal information to other squirrels, such as twitching to alert other squirrels of possible danger.
  16. When you see a squirrel running back and forth, seemingly without reason, they’re not being flighty. It’s a way to deter predators, especially birds of prey, into thinking they’re going in a different direction.
  17. Squirrels will fake burying food and nuts to deceive would-be thieves that their winter stash is someplace it isn’t. Sometimes their ruse will be quite elaborate.
  18. In many Native American traditions, squirrels are symbols for thriftiness and preparation. In others they’re viewed as mischievous pests.
  19. A Hopi Kachina named Laqan is the squirrel spirit.
  20. In Wabanaki folklore, Mikew is the name of a squirrel who is a troublemaker and gossip.
  21. Squirrels sort their food. Researchers observing squirrels on the University of California at Berkley’s campus found that when given a mixture of nuts, the squirrels would sort the nuts by type before burying each type in a different area.

Let Arrow Solve Your Squirrel Problem

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