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Family BusinessIn a world of indifferent, giant corporations, knowing that you have a reliable, family-owned business with decades of experience to turn to when you need help is important. That’s why Arrow Exterminating is so successful – as a family-owned business, we address your specific needs and treat you like family.

How $3.50 Created a Pillar of Long Island Business

Arrow Exterminating began in 1947 when the 28-year-old Bernard Stegman returned from serving as an Army Air Force officer in World War II. While Stegman had earned a degree in mechanical engineering from City College, the prospect of being an engineer no longer appealed to him, and he started thinking about businesses that would be “Depression proof.”

Stegman joined a friend’s exterminating business and liked it. Soon his friend gave him everything he needed to start his own exterminating business, which became Arrow Exterminating. For $3.50 Stegman bought business cards and went out on his own.

Thriving in Post-WWII Long Island

After World War II, Long Island experienced unprecedented growth. Corporations like Grumman grew and the workforce for those companies needed homes. Levittown was founded and other suburban communities followed. Those homes had pest problems, and Arrow Exterminating grew with those communities.

As Stegman built the company, he focused on a few key principlesreliability, excellence, and doing whatever it took to ensure his clients were satisfied. Every Arrow Exterminating employee follows those principles to this day.

Working Together to Help Everyone

Stegman also valued education, so not only did he constantly pursue new knowledge and techniques, but he also shared that information with others. This led to Stegman cofounding the Long Island Pest Control Association in 1952 and creating the organization’s education program. Because of his focus on helping the community, Stegman was often referred to as “the father of the industry on Long Island.”

From that humble $3.50, Stegman and his family has built Arrow Exterminating to be one of the most successful pest control companies in New York with more than 100 employees. Arrow’s family approach to business means that their employees tend to stay, with one employee even celebrating 50 years with the company.

A Family Affair

Needless to say, Stegman didn’t build Arrow alone. His wife, Irene, also worked in the company. Two of his daughters, Jackie Grabin and Debby Tappan, also joined the family business and now serve as co-presidents, leading Arrow Exterminating in the 21st century.

In fact, Arrow Exterminating is so well known as, and respected for, being a family-owned business that on March 4th it received the 2020 Family Business Award from RichnerLIVE and the Herald Community Newspapers. The award honors entrepreneurial families every year in businesses ranging from small firms to large companies.

Bernard Stegman passed away in 2014 at the age of 95. While its founder is gone, his principles and belief that the customer comes first continues.

“My dad gave us not only business training,” said Grabin. “He taught us to be generous, honest, kind, professional. In this day and age, I think that makes Arrow unique from so many others.”

Let the Arrow Family Handle Your Family’s Extermination Needs

At this very difficult time, we hope you and your family are safe and well. If, however, you are having a problem with pests of any kind, we are still operating and here for our community. We want to assure you that we are following all safety and sanitary measures recommended by the CDC to ensure the health and safety of your family and ours as well. Call the professionals at Arrow Exterminating for all your pest needs.

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