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Pigeons are a common sight throughout the NYC area. While pigeons may seem like harmless birds, these pests can actually pose a serious threat to your home and family. If your home is suffering from a pigeon infestation, it is highly important to contact an exterminator right away. A company offering pest control near NYC can help you eliminate pigeons in your home. By working with a pest management company that specializes in wildlife removal, you can rest assured that your home is free from bothersome pigeons. Let’s take a look at some of the dangers that pigeons pose to your home and health.



Pigeon droppings carry a number of serious diseases. For example, contact with pigeon droppings can result in Histoplasmosis, which can cause fever, chest pains, and other serious symptoms. Other diseases transmitted by pigeons include Cryptococcosis and Psittacosis. By eliminating pigeons from your home and clearing away their droppings, you can prevent the spread of these infectious and serious diseases.

Roof Damage

Along with transmitting diseases into your home, pigeons can also cause serious property damage. Oftentimes, pigeons will build their nests in areas along the roof. When pigeons nest in your roof or gutters, the structural integrity of your roof can become seriously compromised. In addition, gutters that are clogged with pigeon nests can flood, creating damage inside of your home. By keeping pigeons away from your property, you can help keep your roof in excellent physical condition.


A pigeon infestation can also place your home at greater risk of experiencing a fire. Pigeons tend to build their nests out of highly flammable materials, such as twigs, paper, and dried leaves. If a nest is located near an electrical supply area, it can easily catch on fire. To protect your home and property from the dangers of pigeons, it is a great idea to contact your local pest control professionals.


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