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Bedbugs are a growing epidemic in areas around the country. If you are planning on taking a vacation during the upcoming spring or summer, it is important to protect yourself and your family from bedbugs. During the peak travel times of the year, bedbugs can be transmitted in public areas and hotel rooms. At Arrow Exterminating Company, our exterminators can help you protect your Long Island home from bedbugs. To help you take charge of pest control in your home, here is a look at some tips to help you avoid bringing bedbugs home from your vacation.


Place Luggage in the Bathroom

When you check into a hotel, it is important to perform a thorough bedbug inspection before you start unpacking your belongings. To protect your suitcases from bedbugs, you can place your luggage in the bathroom immediately upon arriving. Since bedbugs are least likely to be found in the bathroom, your luggage will be safe until you are done inspecting.

Check the Bed

Once you have secured your luggage in the bathroom, it is important to check all of the beds for signs of bedbugs. In addition, check all areas within a 15-inch radius of each bed. Pull back the sheets on the bed, and inspect for small black dots or tiny blood stains. These signs are all indicators that bedbugs may be present in the room. If you encounter anything that seems out of the ordinary, be sure to contact the hotel staff right away so that they can schedule a bedbug extermination.

Wrap Your Belongings in Plastic

If you are seeking extra protection against bedbugs, you may want to wrap your belongings in plastic. Bedbugs will be unable to penetrate any thick layer of plastic, and plastic is one way to kill bedbugs. You may choose to wrap your entire suitcase, or seal individual items in plastic. Once you remove the plastic in your hotel room, it is important to place your luggage off of the ground.


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