House motif made of grass.When you call on a residential or commercial pest control company to take care of a pest or rodent problem, they should be able to provide you with help while doing their best to preserve the planet. Arrow Exterminating Co. specializes in delivering natural pest control near Long Island, NY and the five Burroughs that doesn’t rely on the use of hazardous chemicals.

We provide home and business owners with our Ever-Green Services that are designed to limit the usage of chemical applications. Other residential and commercial pest control companies will come to your home, spray chemicals throughout it, and then leave, but we seek to clean up your home and make structural repairs to it in order to eliminate pests and rodents. In the event that we do need to use chemicals, we promise to use those that have been found to be the least toxic. Some of our pest management products are even made from plant oils, which allows us to apply them without worrying about the impact they will have on the world. When you call on Arrow Exterminating Co. for pest and rodent control, we guarantee you will love our Ever-Green Services and our commitment to going green.


Our Green Pest Management Services Serving Long Island and surrounding areas

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