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Raccoons are commonly encountered in urban and suburban areas. While they may appear cute and curious, it’s essential to be aware of the potential dangers associated with these nocturnal creatures. Understanding raccoon behaviors and the risks they pose can help ensure the safety of both humans and pets.

Are Raccoons Dangerous?

Yes, raccoons can be dangerous for a few different reasons. Here are a few known risks that you should be aware of:

  • Raccoons Can Carry Rabies: Raccoons are a primary carrier of rabies, a viral disease that can be transmitted to humans and animals through bites or scratches. Being cautious and avoiding direct contact with raccoons is crucial to reduce the risk of rabies exposure.
  • Raccoons Can Exhibit Aggressive Behavior: In certain situations, raccoons may display aggressive behavior, especially if they feel threatened or cornered. A cornered raccoon may attack in self-defense, posing a risk of injury, particularly when dealing with a mother protecting her young.
  • Raccoons Can Cause Property Damage: Raccoons are notorious for their ability to cause property damage. They can tear through roofs, insulation, and siding in search of food or shelter. Attics, chimneys, and crawl spaces are common areas where raccoons may establish nests, leading to structural issues and potential fire hazards.
  • Raccoons Love Trash Raids: Raccoons are opportunistic scavengers and often rummage through trash cans in search of food. This not only creates a mess but also poses a threat to public health by spreading diseases and attracting other pests.
  • Raccoons Can Carry and Transmit Various Diseases: Besides rabies, raccoons may carry various diseases, including leptospirosis, roundworm, and canine distemper. Direct or indirect contact with raccoon feces or urine can lead to the transmission of these diseases, emphasizing the importance of cautious cleanup and disposal.
  • Raccoons Can Pose a Threat to Pets: Raccoons may pose a threat to pets, especially if provoked. They can transmit diseases to domestic animals, and conflicts between raccoons and pets may result in injuries. Keep pets indoors or supervise outdoor activities to mitigate these risks.

What to Do if You Are Attacked or Bitten By a Raccoon 

If you’ve been bitten, scratched, or attacked by a raccoon, prioritize your health. Wash the wound thoroughly with soap and water and seek immediate medical attention to assess the risk of rabies and other infections.

How Can You Tell if a Raccoon Has Rabies?

Certain signs can indicate that a raccoon has rabies, including:

  • Self-mutilation
  • Discharge from their eyes or mouth
  • Wet and matted facial fur
  • It makes repeated high-pitched sounds
  • Oblivious to noise or movement that would normally startle it.
  • Erratic wandering
  • Staggering

How to Keep Raccoons Away From Your Property

To keep raccoons away from your property, consider implementing the following preventive measures:

  • Secure Trash Bins: Use animal-proof containers and avoid leaving trash bags outside.
  • Remove Outdoor Food: Bring in pet food and water bowls, and clean up spilled birdseed.
  • Seal Entry Points: Close off potential entry areas like attics, chimneys, and crawl spaces.
  • Install Motion-Activated Lights: Deter raccoons with bright, motion-activated lighting.
  • Use Fencing: Install fences around potential raccoon targets, such as gardens or trash bins.
  • Trim Trees and Bushes: Trim branches that provide easy access to roofs and other entry points.
  • Employ Repellents: Use commercial or homemade repellents with strong odors.
  • Keep Property Clean: Maintain a tidy yard, removing debris and fallen fruits.
  • Professional Wildlife Exclusion Services: If raccoons persistently invade your property, consider enlisting the expertise of professional wildlife exclusion services. Our team here at Arrow Exterminating Company conducts comprehensive property assessments, implements humane removal techniques, and develops customized exclusion solutions to prevent further infestations. Their expert knowledge and experience ensure a long-term, effective strategy for keeping your property wildlife-free.

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