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Spider webIn the fall, temperatures drop and daylight hours shorten. At the same time, you might be seeing more spiders in your home. It’s not a coincidence. Spiders notice the seasonal changes, too. As a result, they start looking for warm places to spend the winter.

Are Spiders More Active in Fall?

It’s a combination of spiders being more active and being more noticeable. In the spring, spiders are young and small so even though they’re active, noticing them isn’t easy.

By summer, they will have found a good place for their webs… so they tend not to wander far unless something disturbs them. In autumn, they’re looking for a safe place to survive the winter, so spiders are more active and – because they are adults – unlike in the spring, will be more noticeable.

What Happens to Spiders in Fall?

That depends upon the type of spider. Some species mate and lay eggs in the fall. Others do that in the spring. Spider eggs can’t survive freezing… but the spiderlings can survive in egg sacs.

Some types of spiders can go through a “cold hardening” as the temperatures drop, allowing them to adapt to the cold. They’ll still seek out shelter from harsh weather like in piles of leaves, cracks in tree bark, and so forth.

Your home is a much more attractive shelter, though. If you do find a spider in your home during the winter, don’t put it outside like you might in the summer or spring. Without the gradual acclimation to the cold, they won’t survive outside.

How Do I Keep Spiders Out of My House in Fall?

Spiders get in through holes in windows and storm door screens or crawl through gaps around a door that doesn’t fit properly (or is missing a good door sweep). Preventing such gaps is the first good step to keeping spiders away.

Remove clutter in and around the house to eliminate hiding places. Keep landscaping around the house trimmed and vacuum or brush corners and ceilings to eliminate cobwebs.

Are Spiders More Active in Winter?

Outdoor spiders are less active in the winter, generally staying in whatever shelter they’ve found. They will come out on warmer winter days but otherwise are much less seen than at other times of the year.

Inside your home, they’ll often find a place in a corner or under clutter that’s in proximity to a water source. So, you won’t generally see them unless it’s around those areas… but because you’re home and indoors more in the winter, you might more easily spot them.

Arrow Exterminating are Spider Experts

Spiders are amazing and interesting, but that doesn’t mean you want to find an infestation in your home or business. If you need help with spiders, call Arrow Exterminating to identify the type of spider and provide the right solution. To get started, contact Arrow Exterminating today.

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