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The thought of a rodent infestation is enough to make any homeowner squirm. The piles of droppings, the chew a rat waiting on a wooden tablemarks on your food and belongings, and the constant nighttime scratching that sounds like something straight out of a horror movie. If you have rats or mice in the house, it’s easy to call a rodent exterminator to clear them out of your property. Unfortunately, there’s more to this picture than meets the eye. If the rodents got into your insulation, you may be faced with a costly and frustrating repair.

Do Rodents Like Insulation?

Mice and rats like a lot of the same things. They both are fond of unsecured trash cans and cluttered areas where they can hide. Most of all, they love hidden spaces that are warm, dark and quiet. The average home offers plenty of that in the insulation in its walls and attic.

Rodents are most drawn to fiberglass insulation, but any variety works well for their needs. They tunnel through the material and gnaw at it for food or to make a nest. And all the while they will leave their urine and droppings, and these contaminants will stay behind long after the rodents are gone.

Removing Infected Insulation

If there are rats and mice in your insulation, you can’t undo the damage they may inflict on the material. The only thing you can do is remove the damaged insulation and replace it. It’s crucial that you do this with help from a professional that understands how to do this safely. Rodent droppings may contain traces of Hantavirus, a potentially fatal respiratory illness that can spread in the air if droppings are improperly handled. An expert will understand how to work with infected insulation in a way that’s safe for everyone involved.

In terms of new insulation, there are no materials that are completely rodent-proof. Some may say that cellulose treated with boric acid will keep them away, though the concentration of the chemical is more likely to kill smaller pests. The best course of action if you want to keep mice and rats out of your insulation is to prevent them from getting into your house in the first place.

Rodent Exclusion from Arrow Exterminating Inc.

There may be parts of your home right now that are potential vulnerabilities for rodents to take advantage of. At Arrow Exterminating, we can send an expert technician to your property to remedy all these possible entry points. With our help we can make sure your home is no longer accessible to passing rodents, leaving your space cleaner and more comfortable. Arrow Exterminating Inc can save you time, money and trouble. Contact us today to get started!

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