ant-removalAn ant trail is an unwelcome sight for any homeowner. While ants may seem small and innocuous, these tiny pests can actually cause significant damage to your home. During the summer months, it is particularly important to keep ants away from your home. At Arrow Exterminating Co., we offer a complete range of extermination and pest control services for homeowners in Long Island. From bed bug treatments to roach control services, our exterminators can help you make sure that your home is free from bothersome pests. Let’s take a look at some top tips for getting rid of ants in your home.


Remove Food Sources

One of the main reasons that ants enter your home is to find food. To keep ants away, it is important to remove their access to any food items. Depending on the type of ant that you have in your home, you may need to cover and seal all of the sugary items in your pantry. If your home is infested with carpenter ants, you may also need to talk to a pest control company about options for treating the wooden surfaces in your home.

Seal Entry Points

Ants typically enter the home through tiny holes and cracks around the foundation. To keep ants out of your house, locate and seal their points of entry. You can identify an ant entry point by following an ant trail to its source. You may also notice tiny piles of debris around each ant hole. By sealing these cracks and hole, you will be able to keep ants away.

Contact the Professionals

If you are dealing with a serious ant problem in your home, it is important to contact a professional pest control company right away. A skilled pest exterminator can help remove your ant problem, and can also provide you with tips for getting rid of ants for good. Be especially prudent if you aren’t sure whether you are dealing with ants or termites.


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