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Raccoon control in New York City is a year-round problem; however, during the winter a proper raccoon prevention strategy is even more important than ever.

Common Winter Raccoon Issues

Raccoons become more of an issue in the months leading up to the winter and during the winter because they are looking for food to bulk up. Raccoons don’t actually hibernate, but they do forage for food so they can bulk up and stay in their dens for longer periods of time. That means they will actively seek out any and all easy food sources like neighborhood trash cans.

Raccoons will then construct their dens in warm places such as hollow trees, caves, buildings and even in your attic or chimney where they then become a major problem for the home or business owner. Raccoons will burrow in your insulation, walls and wreak havoc on your wiring creating a fire hazard. They can also be dangerous if cornered and carry a myriad of parasites and diseases, not to mention rabies.

Preventing Raccoons in the Winter

Preventing raccoons isn’t hard you just need to take some proactive measures if raccoons are common in your area.

  • Keep all trash in securely covered cans whether they are outside or in your garage. This pertains to you and all your neighbors. If even one neighbor leaves his trash exposed, raccoons will remain and become an even bigger hazard to the entire community.
  • Inspect your home for cracks, holes, and other gaps around your home. This could be the venting for your dryer, HVAC system, plumbing, attic, crawl spaces, etc. If you find any exposed areas you should seal them immediately.
  • Never leave pet food outside and always store it in a securely sealed air-tight container.
  • If you have an outdoor garden, surround it with an electric fence.
  • Purchase and apply a product such as Shake-Away that contains coyote urine as a natural deterrent.

Getting Rid of an Existing Raccoon Problem

Never try to remove a raccoon yourself. They can become aggressive if they (or their young) feel threatened. Additionally, New York’s Department of Environmental Conservation has rules regarding the handling of raccoons as they are protected by law. Therefore, it’s best to immediately contact a professional to trap and remove any raccoon seen on or around your property.

What’s Next?

Believe it or not, raccoons are some of the most widespread mammals in New York State and can be found everywhere from the remotest of areas to the crowded inner city. In fact, raccoon populations are denser in the city than in the wild!

If you are experiencing a raccoon problem, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us today. Arrow Exterminating Company, Inc. has been serving NYC and the five boroughs for almost 70 years and are experts in NYC raccoon control.

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