There’s a reason why they’re called pests. Some insects are more annoying than others and if you have insects doing damage to your home, you need to do something about it quickly. One pest we often see that causes lots of problems inside a home is the carpet beetle. They get into every room, and as the name implies they can damage carpets. They can also do damage to other fabrics and cost you money. Arrow Exterminating knows how to deal with these common residential pests, and we want to let you know what you should know about carpet beetles.

Arrow Exterminating Can Get Rid of Household Pests

Arrow has been helping households since 1947. We serve all of Long Island and the five boroughs of New York City. We can come to your home and check for a specific infestation like carpet beetles. We can do a general search if you suspect you may have an infestation or if you’re not sure what is causing an infestation. We’ll come over and diagnose the concern. We’ll take steps to fix it and use preventative techniques to keep your home safe. We’ve seen our share of Carpet Beetles and we want you to know what they can do to your home.

Characteristics of Carpet Beetles

Carpet beetles are very common. According to a 2012 study cited by The New York Times, they were found in more than 90 percent of the homes studied. They are about 1/8 of an inch long. Carpet beetles are narrow and they appear carrot-shaped. Sometimes they’re mistaken for lady bugs. There are several types, including the black carpet beetle and varied carpet beetle, which is black to reddish brown and covered with short, sparse, pubescence, according to the Penn State College of Agricultural Sciences. The yellowish brown varied carpet beetle and the black and yellow furniture carpet beetle which is known to infest furniture are two other types.

Carpet beetles nest in walls spaces in areas where birds, bees, mice, rats or squirrels may have nested. This can be anywhere in your home. They often feed outside your residence on pollen and come inside to lay eggs. Their larvae can cause all kinds of problems.

According to Cornell College of Agricultural and Life Sciences their larvae eat all types of fabrics including woolens like sweaters, oriental rugs, horsehair stuffed couches, fur coats, and of course, carpets. They also will feast on human hair and animal hair or fur, as well as dead insects. In short, carpet beetles like to feast on natural fibers. They aren’t a physical threat to your well-being because they don’t bite, although their hair bristles can sting you.

Call Arrow Exterminating If You Have Carpet Beetles

If you’re noticing damage to your fabrics or think you may have carpet beetles, Arrow Exterminating can help. We’ll send over a technician. It may take a day or two to thoroughly treat any area that might have carpet beetles, and there will be follow up visits, but we can help you get rid of these pests. Contact Arrow Exterminating today.

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