Bird bringing food to hatchlings in their nest.Until you actually experience it, it’s hard to understand why bird nests near your home are a problem. It sounds charming and is frequently shown in greeting card artwork, but the reality is very different. If you’re concerned about birds nesting around your home or business, Arrow Exterminating has answers to your questions.

Why Do I Need Bird Nest Removal?

Bird nests can clog gutters and leaders, causing drainage problems and possible flooding at your foundation, or dryer and stove vents, causing possible fire hazards. Droppings and other debris aren’t just ugly and icky. Bird droppings are acidic, which can damage the paint job on your car, your house, deck, etc.

According to Medical News Today, bird droppings can even carry up to 60 transmittable diseases, which is especially dangerous for children, the elderly and anyone with a compromised immune system. Nests can also contain parasites or mites.

On top of that, some birds are very loud and could keep you up at night or wake you up very early. Mother birds protecting their nest can be aggressive. Certain species of birds, like blue jays, are very territorial so even though your home was there first, they will dive bomb anyone who gets too close to their nest.

How Do You Handle a Bird’s Nest Near Your Home?

First, where is it? A nest near or above your main entrance is a big problem whereas a nest on a tree close to your home might not be. Evaluate its location to determine if droppings will be a problem, whether it interferes with you coming and going, could cause a hazard, etc.

Second, what kind of bird is it? Knowing if it’s an aggressive or highly territorial bird, etc. will determine whether the nest’s proximity to your house is a problem or not. If you’re not sure what kind of bird it is, use an online reference, like Birds in the Backyard, to identify them.

Third, what’s the condition of the nest? If it’s in the process of being built, you can remove it, and the bird will likely decide that’s not a safe location and move on.

If the nest is complete, and birds are using it – especially if they’ve already laid eggs or have hatchlings in it – you need a professional. Disrupting an active, complete nest can be dangerous to you or them. If the type of bird is a protected species or otherwise regulated by environmental laws in your area, disrupting an active nest could get you in trouble. Certified professionals know how to handle birds and nests both from a technical and legal standpoint.

If you have to get close to the nest to make the above determinations, make sure you wear respiratory protection to avoid inhaling parasites, mites, dust or harmful pathogens. This is another reason why it’s best to let pest management professionals handle bird nests.

Call Arrow to Remove Bird Nests and Infestations

Bird nests near your home need to be handled properly and safely for all concerned. Once a current nest is removed, steps can be taken to ensure it doesn’t happen again with other birds. Arrow Exterminating has a four-step process for handling bird infestations that solves the problem. To get started, contact Arrow today.

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