A closeup photo of a clothing mothMoths: these nighttime insects seem harmless enough until they’ve made their way into your home and start attacking your belongings. Understanding why moths are entering your home and learning the signs that you have a moth infestation are important steps in preventing moths from wreaking havoc in your home.

How and Why Moths Are Infesting Your Home

Moths typically first enter a home by accident, either on their part or yours. Open windows or doors can let in moths who are drawn to light sources. A home’s residents can also bring moths inside unintentionally via infested plants or food products or attached to clothing. Once inside, the moths that are most common throughout the New York metropolitan area stay and begin an infestation thanks to plentiful food sources: either food staples like flour and cereal in your pantry or the fabric in your closets and dressers.

Signs Your Home Has a Moth Infestation

The signs that moths have invaded your home differ based on the type of moth. Clothes moths that feed on fabric prefer the dark, so you may not see the moths themselves; however, you will be able to see the holes they leave in your clothing, bedding or furniture. Any moths you spot flying around your home are likely to be flour or pantry moths; you can check your kitchen for further signs such as cocoons, webbing or droppings.

What You Can Do To Control Moths in Your Home

The best way to rid your home of moths is to disrupt their habitat and prevent them from feeding and reproducing. Any infested food or fabric should be discarded, and any potential food source not yet affected should be placed in an air-tight container. Keeping your home clean and uncluttered can limit potential living spots. Using window screens, limiting lights when doors are open and inspecting anything that could be contaminated with moths before bringing it into your home can help prevent future infestations. Chemical treatments are typically a last resort for moth infestations.

If you’re facing a moth infestation in your home, an experienced NYC pest control expert can help. Just contact Arrow Exterminating to schedule your appointment anywhere in the New York metropolitan area.

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