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It takes hard work to maintain a healthy lawn, so the last thing you need is for pests to show up and destroy it. You have the option to take control of the pest presence on your lawn when you work with our team at Arrow Exterminating.

In over 75 years of serving Long Island, we have developed successful lawn insect control strategies that eliminate pest presence without damaging your grass. Restoring your lawn to a healthy, pest-free* state is as simple as working with our lawn insect control team. 

Why Lawn Insect Control is Crucial

Many kinds of pests living on Long Island can cause compounding damage to your lawn, and some of these are resistant to common pesticides. This is why it’s important to contact your local pest control company when you first notice signs of a lawn pest infestation. Our technicians at Arrow Exterminating are well-versed in the habits and symptoms of local lawn pests, as well as the tools and techniques needed to remove them.

Common Types of Lawn Pests on Long Island

These are the pests that we commonly remove from lawns on Long Island:

  • Armyworm: Armyworms typically eat away at grass blades and stems when the sun is down. They create circular bare spots as they feast.
  • Cutworm: Cutworms eat grass stems, leaving blades scattered where they feed to create dead patches.
  • Chinch bugs: Chinch bugs suck the sap out of grass blades, creating a coagulant that stops water absorption and causes the grass to die.
  • Grubs: Grubs feeding on your lawn cause extensive damage, starting with wilted grass blades and ending in large dead patches.
  • Sod webworms: Sod webworms tunnel through the soil to hide during the day and eat grass stems during the night.

Professional Lawn Pest Control Service

Lawn pest damage often goes unreported until the damage is extensive and hard to recover from. Fortunately, our lawn pest exterminators are expertly trained in controlling insect populations and restoring lawns. We will treat your lawn using safe and environmentally-friendly products so you can maintain a presentable, pest-free* lawn for your home or business. Reach out today to learn more about how we can help and receive a free quote!

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