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How Does Mosquito Treatment Work?

Every mosquito treatment should be tailored to the individual needs of the property, but generally pest control companies will use some kind of barrier treatment.

Barrier treatments provide targeted, safe and effective mosquito control in backyard environments. They can provide outstanding protection in your backyard for up to two months during the height of mosquito season.

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Mosquito Treatment Process on Long Island

A professional mosquito exterminator will start by performing a thorough inspection of the exterior of your property. They will be looking for potential mosquito breeding grounds and other vulnerabilities. From there, a custom treatment plan can be drawn up to provide you with the best possible results.

How does mosquito "barrier treatment" work?

Mosquito barrier treatments create a barrier between you and mosquitoes. They’re an advanced insecticide sprayed directly onto the leaves and vegetation where mosquitoes spend most of their time. They’re long lasting and can provide outstanding protection for up to two months.

Some of the biggest benefits of mosquito barrier treatments are:

  • Targeted to areas where mosquitoes congregate when they’re resting during the day for maximum impact
  • Prevents future mosquito populations from emerging by disrupting the breeding process
  • Barrier treatments last up to two months even at the height of mosquito season. Your yard can be retreated if and when needed

Mosquito Treatment Methods

When it comes to mosquitoes, it all depends on your property. And that’s why it’s best to work with a professional who knows what to look for and can come up with a treatment plan that’s exactly what you need.

So leave it to the pros at Arrow Exterminating who have been providing safe and effective barrier treatments since 1947.

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