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How do termites spread on Long Island?

From March through June, eastern subterranean termites  emerge and establish new colonies. They may reach your house through underground burrowing or swarming reproductive termites starting a new colony on your property.

Several factors can make you more vulnerable to termites:

  • Presence of wood in contact with soil
  • Areas of moisture present
  • Climate and seasonal factors
  • Having other large termite colonies nearby, perhaps on a neighbor’s property
termite mud tubes span infestation sights

Can I Get Termites from My Infested Neighbors?

Seeing a fumigation tent on your neighbor’s home or business can certainly cause panic. The truth is that yes, it’s a risk factor, but as long as you keep up with preventative termite maintenance it’s not a guarantee that you’ll soon be dealing with an infestation of your own.

If your house was built at the same time as your neighbor’s infested home, then we recommend getting a termite inspection.

How Do Termites Form New Colonies?

Termites spread by traveling through underground mud tubes or cracks in the walls. They can also form new colonies when swarming reproductive males and females mate.

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