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Termite Identification

Worried you have termites, or was that just an ant? It can be difficult to differentiate a termite from other types of pests. Look for their small bodies, off-white color, and other common characteristics that we share here.

Here in Long Island NY, we primarily encounter Eastern Subterranean Termites. They usually live underground or inside of wooden structures, and they’re considered the most economically destructive species in the United States.

Most of the time, you’ll notice the signs of termite damage well before you actually come across an insect, so it’s important to know what an infestation looks like. Learn how to quickly identify termite activity using these tips here.

Termites are active all year long and don’t hibernate or die off in the winter. However, they tend to be most active on warm and humid days. And, you’re most likely to see them out and about in the springtime. Learn more about termite season.

Some termites can live for 20 or more years. Though each type of termite has a different life cycle, they generally follow the same pattern. Learn about the stages of a termite’s life cycle from the pros at Arrow Exterminating.

Termites can infest pretty much any wooden structure, from floorboards and walls to outdoor furniture and structural beams. Discover the most common places that termites are found with this information.

Termites spread either by tunneling through walls or by reproducing and establishing a new colony. Here, we talk about the most common ways that termites spread and how you can protect your Long Island home.

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