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How Can I Prevent Termites Naturally?

Natural or DIY termite control methods can possibly repel small numbers of termites, but they are not strong enough to control an active infestation. 

Common DIY or natural termite prevention methods include orange oil, cardboard traps, diatomaceous earth, and boric acid.

How can I prevent termites naturally in Long Island |  Arrow Exterminating

How to Get Rid of Termites Naturally

Natural pest control requires planning ahead. You need to get started before an infestation starts.

If you do try any of the natural prevention methods listed below, they may or may not work. Natural and DIY pest control methods are great when they do, but frustrating when they don’t because you’ve spent time and money.

How to Prevent Termites Naturally

There is no guarantee to how well the following methods work to prevent termites:

  1. Diatomaceous earth: Can be mixed with soil, water, or paint to help keep termites away. This is also used to keep away a wide variety of other house pests
  2. Nematodes: Certain species of nematodes are feed on termites, making them a natural form of biological control
  3. Cardboard traps: Termites are naturally attracted to cardboard because it contains cellulose. The idea is that you can lure enough termites into the box and then dispose of it by burning it
  4. Orange oil: Can be sprayed into high-risk areas like crawl spaces and attics to deter termites
  5. Boric acid: Can be useful as a spot treatment for small numbers of pests

Do I Need Professional Termite Prevention Services?

Termite exterminators can inspect your property, implement termite prevention, and work with you year-round to keep you pest-free.

That’s why, if you want effective termite prevention, a professional pest control company is your best option.

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