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Termite Prevention

Annual termite inspections are a crucial part of routine home maintenance. In addition to your yearly inspection, there may be a few other circumstances where you should call a professional. Learn more here.

Natural termite prevention tactics aren’t effective against active infestations – but, they can still help you keep termites at bay. Discover which natural termite prevention tips work and which fall flat.

Construction sites with plenty of lumber are a prime target for termites. Read through these tips from Arrow Exterminating to learn how you can keep termites away while building a new home.

Termite prevention costs can vary widely based on your situation, but at the end of the day, it’s always cheaper than repairing termite damage or treating an active infestation. Learn more about what costs you can expect here.

Our houses aren’t the only area termites can infest; they may even attack the plants in your garden! Here, we talk about the best ways to keep termites out of your trees and landscape.

Termite prevention is an ongoing process, but it can help you avoid the frustration and high costs associated with an infestation. These are the best ways to keep termites from spreading in your property.

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