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How Do You Prevent Termites When Building a New Home?

Preventing termites when building a new home is crucial to protect your investment and ensure the longevity of your structure. Termites can cause significant damage to wood structures and are challenging to eliminate once they infest a building. That’s why many construction companies work closely with termite control professionals throughout the building process.

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How to Prevent Termites During Construction

Prior to beginning a construction project, we recommend consulting a licensed exterminator for termite prevention advice that is tailored to your specific building site. However, some of the most common tactics we use to prevent termites during construction include:

  • Using termite-resistant materials: Choose termite-resistant building materials for your home’s foundation and structural components. Pressure-treated wood and concrete blocks are good options. Also, consider using steel framing for parts of your home.
  • Installing termite barriers: Install physical termite barriers, such as metal mesh, termite shields, or termite-resistant materials, between the soil and wooden elements of your home to prevent termites from gaining access.
  • Eliminating wood-to-soil contact: Here in Long Island, we primarily deal with subterranean termites that travel through the soil. Use tarps to protect your building materials, and ensure that there are at least six inches of clearance between the soil and any wooden elements of the building. 
  • Maintain the landscaping: Remove wood debris, old tree stumps, and roots from the construction site. Maintain a clear space between shrubs or trees and your house to prevent termites from using them as a bridge to your home.
  • Promote proper drainage: Ensure that your home has adequate drainage systems in place to prevent water from pooling near the foundation, as termites are attracted to moist environments.

Keep Termites Out of Your New Long Island Home

It’s important to consult with local building codes and regulations and work with a qualified builder who is experienced in termite prevention. They can help you implement the best strategies for your specific area and construction project.

Once the home is completely built, remember to invest in ongoing termite prevention. Annual termite inspections and routine maintenance are a crucial part of keeping your new home in its best condition. To learn more about keeping termites out of your new house, contact the professionals at Arrow Exterminating!

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