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How Do You Prevent Termites When Building a New Home on Long Island?

It’s smart to take some termite prevention measures right away if you’re building a new home. Treating the soil and building materials are two options that work well.

Often, builders will work with professional pest control companies to make sure that all new homes in a development will be protected. In doing so, termites can be prevented before, during, and after the property is built! 

a new home under construction with termite treated wood

How Are Termites Prevented During Building?

Subterranean termites, the species of termites we have here on Long Island, need soil contact to thrive. So when constructing a new property, the soil gets treated to create a barrier against termites.

Some other construction methods that are used include:

  1. Use pressure-treated or termite-resistant wood
  2. Build the home to create proper drainage by sloping the soil away from the foundation
  3. When building crawlspaces, keep wood above ground to avoid contact with soil
  4. Use a galvanized steel or concrete barrier to block entry points
  5. Limit or eliminate wood-to-soil contact by pouring a concrete base to act as a barrier
  6. Make sure there’s proper ventilation to prevent excess moisture and humidity

How to Prevent Termites in New Homes in Long Island

Once the house is built, it’s still important to get regular inspections. Inspections plus preventative maintenance are the keys to making sure termites never come into your home. This can mean eliminating excess moisture, fixing leaky water pipes, removing dead or rotten sources of wood, keeping firewood away from the home, and being cautious of any wood contact with the ground.

The best defense against termites in your new home is working with a professional termite exterminator such as Arrow Exterminating.

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