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Lawn & Garden Termite Prevention

Termites are infamous for infesting homes, but they will wreak havoc in your yard, lawn, or garden too.

Plants contain the cellulose that they feed on, so there are many sources of food for termites in gardens. Thankfully, there are some tricks to preventing termites in your yard. It all starts with getting rid of excess moisture and decaying or rotten wood.

a backyard with a pile of wood that could become a magnet for termites

Tips to Prevent Termites Outdoors

To prevent termites in your garden, lawn, or backyard in Long Island, try these tips:

  1. Remove rotten tree roots, dead trees, and decaying logs. Termites love rotting wood
  2. Store firewood several inches above the ground and away from your home
  3. Promptly fix any moisture or drainage issues. Termites thrive in damp areas
  4. Hire professional pest control company that can put out safe and effective preventative treatments

Getting Rid of Termites Outdoors

If you already have an infestation, it’s too late for prevention. It’s best to call a pest control company that knows how to properly treat your yard without harming your vegetation. To learn more about keeping termites away from your Long Island home or backyard, the termite exterminators at Arrow Exterminating can help.

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