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Is Termite Treatment Covered by Insurance on Long Island?

Termites are responsible for causing damage to thousands of homes across the United States each year. While many people assume that means insurance will cover the cost of treatment and repairs, most insurance companies don’t help with any termite-related expenses. Because termites are considered preventable, your homeowner’s insurance policy likely won’t offer assistance if you experience an infestation unless you’ve purchased add-on coverage such as a termite bond.

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Why Doesn't Insurance Cover Termite Infestations?

Insurance is generally designed to cover sudden and unexpected perils, such as fire, rather than gradual and preventable issues like termite infestations. Termite damage is typically considered a maintenance issue and is the responsibility of the homeowner to prevent and address. Homeowners are generally expected to take proactive steps to prevent termite infestations, such as regular inspections, maintenance, and treatment if needed.

How Termite Bonds Can Help

hough homeowner’s insurance doesn’t generally cover termite treatment or repairs, there’s another solution: termite bonds, also known as termite warranties or protection plans. A termite bond is a contract between a homeowner and a pest control company, where the exterminator agrees to provide ongoing services to protect, detect, and treat termite infestations. Some of these agreements may even cover future repairs to provide you with even more peace of mind.

Termite Treatment Cost for Homebuyers

etermining who is responsible for the cost of termite treatments and repairs can be difficult when buying or selling a home. Here’s the guideline for most states:

  • The seller must pay for the termite inspection
  • If termite activity is found, the seller must pay for treatment
  • The seller may also cover repairs, though that is not required
  • The buyer is responsible for future termite prevention

Want to learn more about how you can affordably treat or prevent termites? Reach out to your local experts at Arrow Exterminating! We’ve been helping Long Island with their termite treatment needs since 1947, so we know the ins and outs of what the process includes and how much it costs.

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