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Termite Treatment

Termite treatments administered by the pest control experts at Arrow Exterminating are always safe for you, your family and pets. We do not recommend attempting termite extermination yourself.

As soon as you suspect you might have a termite problem, that’s the best time to call a pest control expert to check on the situation. We also perform preventative termite treatments to help solve the problem before it starts.

Liquid termiticide and bait traps are a strong enough formulation that they can kill other pests such as ants and beetles if they are in the area.

Insurance agencies rarely cover termite treatment or prevention costs. Learn how a termite bond can help!

Liquid termiticide and bait stations play a huge role in both eradication and prevention. Using them yourself can be dangerous and you might not get all the termites. That’s why we always recommend calling a professional pest control expert for termite extermination.

Every property is different, so it depends. Some termiticides can last as long as ten years; some bait stations should be replaced every year. A licensed pest control technician can tell you how often your home should be treated.

Termite Treatment Serving Long Island and surrounding areas

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