Raking up detritus in the yard

It’s never too early to get ready for spring – or prepare your home and yard to avoid bugs from being a nuisance. Here are some tips to get you ready.

1. Check your window screens.

Even small holes and tears in window or door screens can let in insects. Small holes can be fixed on your own. If it is larger, a hardware store that fixes screens might be easier.

2. Start indoor spring cleaning.

Even if it’s still chilly outside or the weather is rainy, you can start spring cleaning. Not only does a thorough once-over beyond normal, routine cleaning help deter insects, it will also help you discover if some pests have already invaded your home.

Make sure to check warm-weather clothing that was stored for winter, too. Moths and other insects will go after it, especially if it was stored with stains.

3. Spring clean your property.

Once the weather is warmer, you also want to tidy your property. Get rid of leaves that you missed during the fall raking as well as other debris that accumulated during the winter, like broken branches. They can be hiding places for rodents and insects.

4. Perform an exterior examination.

Check the outside of your house for wet wood or winter damage that could provide entry points or food sources for insects. Also look for places where water could pool and remove them. Mosquitoes lay their eggs in standing water so eliminate sources before they look for them.

5. Trim back shrubs and trees.

When to trim will depend upon the plant species, but most can be trimmed in the spring. Avoid letting tree branches or bushes touch the house. It can provide an entry point for insects.

6. Check plumbing, pipes, and the areas around outdoor faucets.

Insects and vermin want and need a water source. Leaks and blockages can provide opportunities for pests. Fill any gaps around a pipe with steel wool – which mice can’t chew through. Pests will also use pipes as a throughway so blocking their entry is good prevention.

7. Book spring pest treatments.

This includes a termite inspection and treatment because Long Island’s soil is a haven for termites. Spraying your property for ticks is also wise, especially for Suffolk County residents, because tick infestations have been on the rise. As carriers of Lyme disease, which has serious consequences, tick prevention is a much better option than medical treatment.

Arrow Can Keep You Insect Free

Spare yourself the aggravation and don’t risk the health of your family and pets. Call us at Arrow Exterminating for preventative treatments to keep your home bug free. To get started, contact Arrow Exterminating today.

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