Cartoon bed frame with bedbug inside red circle with line through.Bed bugs are among the most feared pests in the New York City area. When you find the signs of bed bugs in your home, it is crucial to act fast and schedule bed bug treatment with a company offering residential pest control serving Long Island and The 5 Boroughs. While bed bugs have bothered humans for many centuries, these nasty insects have made a resurgence in recent years. To help protect your family from bed bugs, you should be sure to build a relationship with an experienced pest control professional that serves your local area. To highlight the importance of bed bug treatment, here is a look at the recent rise of bed bug problems.

Bed Bugs Target Homes

While many people are afraid of encountering bed bugs when they are out and about in the city, the fact of the matter is that bed bugs most commonly occur in residential homes and apartment buildings. In fact, a majority of bed bug treatments are performed in private, residential dwellings. For this reason, it is important to be on the lookout for the signs of bed bugs in your home.

Bed Bug Infestations Are Becoming More Frequent

According to a recent survey of pest control companies around the country, bed bugs are becoming a more frequent concern for homeowners. Across the board, beg bug infestations are significantly more frequent than they were just a decade ago. The rise of bed bugs can be attributed to a lack of public awareness, as well as an increasingly mobile and global society.

Bed Bugs Can Invade Throughout the Year

While bed bugs are found throughout the seasons, studies have shown that bed bug infestations are more common during the summer months. The rise of bed bugs during the summer could be the result of more frequent travel during this time of the year. When people are out in airports, hotels, and other public places, they can easily pick up bed bugs and bring them to their homes.

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