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No matter the time of year, your home could be infested with pests. From mosquitoes or wasps in warm weather to rodents or spiders when it’s cold. No downtime exists for pest control.

In fact, winter is a great time for pest control because underlying issues you might not have been aware of can be addressed and corrected before it gets too bad. For example, carpenter ants or cluster flies could have established a foothold in your attic without you realizing it. A thorough pest inspection could find them before the carpenter ants cause too much damage.

How Often Should You Do Pest Control?

Pest control frequency depends upon a few factors. However, a thorough pest inspection should be performed at least once a year to detect any possible budding infestations or even vulnerabilities that could lead to an infestation. That inspection will then set the pace for ongoing pest control treatments, depending upon the type of pest found and the potential threats in your neighborhood.

For example, if you live near an open area, a preserve, or a sump area, then your home might be more susceptible to mice. Live near Lake Ronkonkoma or other standing water? Mosquitoes might be a greater issue on your property. Live near a restaurant or grocery store? A wide range of pests could be a risk in your area.

The severity of the infestation also determines your pest control schedule. The type of insect or vermin will also affect the frequency of pest control treatment. All of that said, quarterly pest control treatment is frequently an ideal schedule to ensure the issue is correctly eliminated.

What Time of Year Is Best for Pest Control?

Pest control is not a one-and-done situation. No matter how thorough the treatment, without ongoing follow-up inspection and treatment, not only could the infestation return but another pest could become an issue. Many customers begin pest control in the spring to get ready for the influx of warm weather pests as dormant creatures emerge.

However, the truly best time of year to begin pest control is as soon as you think you have a problem. Waiting just lets the insects or rodents establish themselves more thoroughly in your home, causing damage and illness.

Is Quarterly Pest Control Necessary?

It can be, depending upon your situation. If you are in an area that is high risk or has a greater than usual number of pests, quarterly pest control is essential to keep them at bay. If you or someone in your family is especially sensitive to mites carried by rodents, feces from any number of pests, etc. due to asthma and other conditions, then quarterly pest control is highly recommended.

What Kind of Pest Control Do I Need?

That depends upon the infestation. Answering this question properly requires an inspection and evaluation by a trained professional. Quality and service, which we specialize in at Arrow Exterminating, should be the top priority – and that means looking at your specific situation before recommending a pest control solution.

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