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Questions-to-Ask-Your-Exterminator-About-Bed-BugsBed bugs are a serious concern for residents of the NYC area. When a home becomes infested with bed bugs, these bothersome creatures can be incredibly difficult to remove. Fortunately, with the help of a bed bug exterminator, you will be able to remove your bed bug problem for good. A company offering pest control near NYC can provide you with total bed bug and mouse extermination services. When you are preparing for a pest control procedure, you may want to plan ahead and consider what information you would like to learn about your pest problem. Here is a look at some helpful questions that you may want to ask about bed bugs.


Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

When a home is infested with bed bugs, these creatures will typically take up residence in the bedrooms. Since bedbugs are nocturnal feeders, they prefer to live where people sleep. Bed bugs may be found in bed linens, mattresses, or even headboards and curtains. Your exterminator can pinpoint the precise location of bed bugs in your home.

Do Bed Bugs Transmit Diseases?

Bed bugs do not carry or transmit any diseases to humans. However, bed bugs can cause serious and painful bites. In addition, some people exhibit allergic reactions in response to bed bug bites. Overall, a bed bug infestation can be a significant nuisance to any household. If you notice signs of bed bug bites, you should be sure to contact an exterminator.

What Are the Signs of Bed Bugs?

Along with visible bite marks, there are several other signs and symptoms of a bed bug infestation in a home. For example, you may notice molted exoskeletons around your bed and sheets. Additionally, you may find that your sheets show signs of small blood marks. Finally, you can identify a bed bug infestation by looking for the physical presence of bugs in your home. Any of these symptoms should alert you to the need for an exterminator.


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