Small rat hiding.

Small rat hiding.Do you have rats living inside of your home or business? If so, you should call a professional rodent control company to remove them as soon as possible to prevent all of the problems that come along with them. Rats can cause structural damage to buildings and create an unsanitary environment, and in some cases, they can even transmit deadly diseases to you and your family or employees. You should never attempt to handle rats on your own, though. Rather, you should schedule pest control services in Long Island, NYC. Here are the two most common types of rats that home and business owners encounter.

Norway Rats

These rats are also referred to as brown or sewer rats, and they are easy to identify simply by looking at them. They usually have stocky bodies that are gray or brown in color, and their tails are shorter than the full lengths of their bodies. These types of rats prefer to live close to the ground, so they will often burrow inside of piles of trash and wood as well as underneath of the foundations of buildings. They also build large nests made out of things like shredded up paper and clothing. If you find a rat at ground level, there’s a pretty good chance that it is a Norway rat.

Roof Rats

Unlike Norway rats, roof rats—or black rats as they are sometimes called—can climb and will often make their way up trees, shrubs, and other forms of plant life. They will also climb up walls, cabinets, and other structures when they make it inside of buildings, and they are known to live in attic spaces. They will often build their nests there and will only come down from their elevated living quarters to find food. They usually prefer to live in warmer environments.

No matter what kind of rats you find in your home or business, you should have rodent control done immediately to reduce the risk associated with having them around. You should also have preventative pest control done to stop them from coming back in the future.

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