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There are few films that are as unforgettable as the 1939 classic, “The Wizard of Oz,” and one of its many memorable scenes takes place in a particularly treacherous area near the Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy and her friends become spooked and start repeating, “Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!” as they make their way towards the Emerald City. It’s a scary scene for children, but as we grow older, we realize there aren’t many lions and tigers and bears in downstate New York, but there are certainly some creatures that worry home and business owners just as much. Arrow Exterminating wonders if we shouldn’t be repeating, “Rodents, raccoons, and rats, oh my!

Arrow Exterminating Will Keep Furry Pests off Your Property

Many furry pests like raccoons, rats, and other rodents can infest your property during the winter months, but Arrow Exterminating is there to protect you from them all year round.  We offer both residential and commercial pest control services and we serve both Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island and the 5 boroughs of New York City. We’ll get rid of pests, and we’ll also take steps to make certain they don’t return. We’ll also inspect your property and take steps to prevent pests from invading. If you suspect that you have some furry nuisances invading your property, let us tell you what you can do.

Keeping Raccoons and Rats Away

Raccoons can be a common sight, both in New York City and on Long Island. The big fear about raccoons is that they can carry rabies. When healthy, it’s against the law to remove a raccoon, if it’s not presenting a danger to you or your property. If a raccoon gets into your house, it can certainly do damage to your property. They can be nesting under your deck or living in your attic. Raccoons can cause damage by leaving fecal damage or urine. They can destroy insulation. You should never try to trap a raccoon. Call Arrow Exterminating. In some cases, we may not be allowed to trap raccoons, particularly in cases involving rabid animals, but we can give you contacts to take care of the problem.

Rats are often considered synonymous with cities, and you can certainly see them there, but Nassau County points out they’re on Long Island as well, but not as easy to see. Rats and other rodents such as mice will eat the same things humans eat and are very adept at living close to humans and living off food discarded by humans or left in easily accessible areas. Rats need to survive on half an ounce of water a day. Mice don’t need standing water at all. These rodents can do damage by gnawing on wires which creates a fire hazard and destroys property.

Arrow Exterminating Will Take Care of Your Pest Problem

If you think you have unwanted creatures inside your property, schedule an appointment with the pest control experts at Arrow Exterminating. We’ll tell you if you have a pest infestation and we’ll take care of it for you. We’ll tell you how to keep raccoons, rodents, and pests away from your home. Contact us today.

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