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If your holidays played like the Nutcracker Suite, chances are you’d far prefer the company of sugarplum fairies over the nasty Rat King. Even as you’re enjoying the best parts of the holidays, rodents are plotting to ruin your festivities by nibbling at your holiday leftovers, nesting in your holiday decorations, and making themselves at home in your home, against your will. Fight back by taking a few simple steps for rodent elimination in your Long Island area home this holiday season:

Shut the Door on Rodents

Even the smallest openings along your basement doors, windows, or even under the kitchen sink can look more like a wide-open front door to rodents. Cut off their grand entrances by repairing any gaps or cracks wide enough for a small mouse to squeeze through: they’re far more flexible than most homeowners realize! Don’t leave food out overnight: even cookies for Santa can be kept under an overturned glass bowl to thwart would-be rodent thieves from stealing Santa’s hard-earned bounty. Promptly clean up after cooking, and sweep up crumbs that might tempt rats or mice to creep out of hiding for a holiday feast.

Keep Rodents Out with Arrow Exterminating

If you already have unwanted 4-footed stowaways, call the professionals at Arrow Exterminating to determine a rodent exterminating solution you can trust to get them out of your Long Island area home. our team will travel to you to point out problem areas, set traps, and make sure the only things staying in your home are the human friends and family you invite for the holidays. We understand how stressful a rodent problem can be, and we’re ready to take that problem off of your busy holiday to-do list: just contact us for a rodent removal consultation and breathe a sigh of relief. The holidays should be a time of rest, relaxation, and fun with friends and family – Arrow Exterminating will make sure the only holiday problem you’ll have is figuring out how to regift that ugly holiday sweater.

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