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Rodents can enter your home in some surprising ways. Here are some of the entryways, along with how you can easily avoid providing access to your home.

1. Air Conditioning Ductwork

Air conditioners have ductwork that leads to the outdoors. These vents may only have a screen in place that prevents outside debris from clogging ductwork. Unfortunately, rodents can easily chew through screens and either nest inside the ductwork or make their way into your home. Your Long Island rodent control company can help to make sure your home is free from rodents.

2. Pet Door

Most homeowners who have a pet door take the security precaution of locking the door overnight so burglars can’t use it to come inside. But even the smallest pet doors made for little pets can allow access to rodents. If you have a cat who is a good hunter, you may even have still-living rodents delivered right to your pet door. If you find yourself with a rodent problem, it could be due to your pet door. Not all rodents are nocturnal, and locking the door at night isn’t enough. Consider moving the position of your pet door up higher on the door so that crawling rodents can’t get in, but your pet can still make the small jump through the door.

3. Garage Door

Pests like rodents often seek shelter in weather with extreme heat or cold just as people do. An open garage door is a tempting entryway for mice and other rodents that want to make a winter nest or find reprieve from uncomfortable temperatures. Once they find their way into the garage, all they need to do is take advantage of your partially open door leading from the garage to the house.
Keep your garage door closed as much as possible, opening and closing it only to go in and out with vehicles or equipment. If you need to keep the door open for long hours for any reason, it’s worth it to place several traps in the corners and along the edges of the garage floor.

Invest in pest control services to rid your house of existing rodents and to prevent new ones from gaining entry. Your pest control professional can provide additional advice about keeping pests out of your home over the long term. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

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