What-Are-the-Dangers-of-Having-Bees-Near-Your-HomeBees are a common household nuisance that often appear during the summer months. While bees may seem like a minor annoyance when they take up residence in your yard, a bee problem can actually pose a serious pest control emergency. When bees invade your yard in large numbers, the health and safety of your family could be at risk. In addition, these pesky insects can cause major property damage. A pest control company in Queens will be able to help you rid your home of this issue with high-quality bee removal services. Here is a closer look at the dangers of having bees near your home.


Bee Stings

Bee stings are among the most commonly known dangers of being around a bee hive. When a bee decides to sting, it will leave a painful red bump on the skin. The pain from a bee sting is caused by a specific type of venom, which the bee injects through its stinger. The pain of a bee sting will typically subside after a couple of hours.

Bee Allergies

If a member of your household suffers from bee allergies, a bee infestation in your yard could pose a serious health and safety threat. When a person who has a bee allergy gets stung by one of these insects, they will quickly develop symptoms. A person with a severe allergy may even begin to feel that their throat is closing up. To prevent this life-threatening situation, you should be sure to schedule a bee removal.

Aggressive Behavior

When a colony of bees feels like they are being threatened, they can develop a serious of highly aggressive behaviors. For example, if a person comes to close to the hive, he or she may get swarmed by a cluster of angry bees. These encounters can be highly stressful, and can result in numerous painful stings. With bee removal, you can rest assured that your bee problem has been eliminated for good.


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