Exterminator in blue overalls with a portable spray canister.

Exterminator in blue overalls with a portable spray canister.Some people want to pick up the phone immediately; some people want to wait. Many calls report a significant problem, with others there’s no problem at all. The decision of whether or not to call an exterminator can be a difficult decision for many people. Let’s face it, most of us aren’t experts on insects or other pests. Very often the choice comes down to saving money vs. risking an infestation. How do you know when signs of a problem are enough to lead you to believe an infestation is possible? Arrow Exterminating wants to let you know when to make that call.

Arrow Exterminating Will Identify a Problem

We have more than 70 years of experience identifying pest problems at Arrow Exterminating. Arrow serves Nassau and Suffolk County on Long Island as well as the five boroughs of New York City. If you’re not certain whether or not you have a pest problem, Arrow will be thorough in examining your residential or commercial property, and we’ll find out if there is an infestation. If there is a problem, we’ll tell you how to take care of it. Arrow isn’t afraid to tackle tough issues, and we believe in educating our clients as much as possible, so here are some tips on when to call an exterminator.

When It’s a No-Brainer Infestation, Pick Up the Phone

We know you’re concerned about money, but certain pests are dangerous to deal with if you’re not an expert. One insect you definitely don’t want to handle alone is the bed bug. According to Angie’s List, it’s a mistake to attempt home treatment of bed bugs, because if any of these insects survive, they can spread to other rooms, leading to an infestation.

One question you should be asking yourself when deciding whether to call is “Are you in danger?according to Homes.com. If you’re dealing with wasps, bees, or yellow jackets, you can be confronted with dangerous insects that sting. Spider bites can also be painful. You also need to know that when dealing with some creatures such as bees, you may need to have a special license to remove them.

Other Pest Considerations

Even if you’re not in imminent danger from pests, you’re going to need to call an exterminator if the problem is not going away. Some people won’t make the call even if they see many or even just one roach. But if you let this go these survival expert insects can move to other areas of your premises and grow the infestation. If you catch one mouse or another rodent with a store-bought trap, that doesn’t necessarily mean your problem has been dealt with successfully.

Another thing to keep in mind is that commercial properties, particularly those that handle food will be held to a higher standard and are subject to inspection by health officials.

If you’re dealing with raccoons invading your property, you should call Arrow because there are laws that regulate whether or not they can be removed from your property. Raccoons actually have to be causing physical damage, and if that’s the case, you should call Arrow Exterminating immediately. Squirrels also fit the description of nuisance wildlife. If you believe they may be nesting in your home or business, you should contact Arrow right away.

Arrow Will Create Your Pest Control Plan

If you feel like pests endanger you or your property may be threatened, you shouldn’t hesitate to call Arrow Exterminating. We’ll diagnose the problem and create a pest control plan that will get rid of pests and keep them away. Contact Arrow today.

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