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Are mice dangerous?

Despite their small size, mice can bring significant issues. These rodents are not only unwelcome but also pose serious threats to your well-being. If they infiltrate your home or business, rats and mice can jeopardize your health and safety by:

  • Damaging Structures: Their incessant gnawing can harm essential building components.
  • Electrical Hazards: Chewing on electrical wires may trigger fires and safety hazards.
  • Disease Transmission: Rodents can spread potentially lethal diseases.
  • Food Contamination: They can contaminate your food sources.
  • Pet Health: Rodents may also pose health risks to your pets.

Swift action is crucial when dealing with a rodent infestation to mitigate these concerns.

Are mice dangerous; Arrow Exterminating

Are Rodents Dangerous in Long Island?

Rats and mice rank among the most destructive pests globally. Their relentless gnawing behavior targets various hard objects, including wooden beams and, at times, electrical wires. As time passes, the consequences of exposed wires and weakened structural support can lead to severe safety risks for anyone on your premises.

Aside from causing substantial property damage, rats and mice are notorious carriers of potentially life-threatening diseases. Diseases like rat-bite fever, hantavirus, monkeypox, and sylvatic typhus are just a handful of the numerous illnesses that rodents can transmit to humans. Most infections occur through bites, tainted food, or contact with rodent urine or feces, underscoring the critical importance of addressing rodent infestations promptly.

Can Rats and Mice Harm Pets?

Regrettably, rodents can pose risks to more than just humans. If you have dogs or cats, it’s imperative to shield them from the perils of an infestation. In the event your pet consumes a rat or mouse, it could potentially contract roundworm or other parasites, such as toxoplasmosis gondii. These parasites may induce prolonged intestinal problems or flu-like symptoms. Furthermore, roundworms and other parasites can also transmit to humans, which can be particularly hazardous for children or individuals with weakened immune systems. Therefore, proactive rodent control serves as a vital measure in safeguarding the safety and well-being of your entire family, including your beloved pets.

Staying Safe From Rodents in Long Island

Dealing with a rat or mouse infestation can indeed be a formidable challenge. Achieving complete rodent eradication from your home or business may appear daunting, but you can rely on the expertise of Arrow Exterminating. With over 75 years of dedicated service in addressing both residential and commercial properties, our state-licensed exterminators are well-prepared to confront even the most resilient infestations. Our commitment goes beyond merely removing rats or mice; we are dedicated to ensuring they don’t return. Feel free to reach out to us today to begin the process of reclaiming your space from these pests. Your peace of mind is our priority.

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