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Rodent Identification

Long Island hosts a variety of rodents, ranging from house mice to Norway rats. Discover the specific types you might encounter around your residence or commercial property!

Rats and mice share similar behaviors, yet present distinct risks. Find out how to distinguish between these prevalent rodent species.

Certain areas of our property are more susceptible to rat or mouse infestations. Gain insights into common rodent hiding and nesting spots from the experts at Arrow Exterminating.

Mice, like all rodents, present more than just a mere inconvenience; they can harm your property and jeopardize your well-being, often in unexpected ways. Delve into further information here.

While rodents are generally not aggressive, they might resort to biting when frightened. Their bites can also pose health risks, necessitating medical attention if you’ve been bitten.

Rodents are globally recognized for transmitting diseases through their feces, scavenging behaviors, and other means. Gain insight into prevalent diseases and their associated symptoms.

Rodent Identification Serving Long Island and surrounding areas

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