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When is Termite Season on Long Island?

Here on Long Island, “termite season” typically falls between late March and June.

This is when the weather is at its most mild and conditions are conducive to termite mating. However, unlike many types of insects, termites can be active year-round. For example, if they have established a colony inside your home, they will remain active throughout the year.

Termites on a pipe outside a long island NY building during termite swarming season

Do Termites Go Away in the Winter?

Termites do not die off in the winter, but you are much less likely to see them. Once temperatures start to drop in the fall, these pests will dig deeper into wood or soil to stay warm. Then once the weather warms in the spring, they will re-emerge. This is when the reproductives – also called swarmers – will leave the nest to establish a new colony. 

If termites infest a climate-controlled structure like your home, they will remain active all year. They will be just as destructive and will even continue to reproduce. That’s why it’s important to get termite control at the first sign of an infestation.

Do Termites Prefer Warm Weather?

Yes, termites prefer mild to warm temperatures ranging from 70° to 90° F. They also thrive when there’s a little bit of gentle rain, as they need moisture to survive. The time when you’re most likely to see swarming termites is a warm spring day after rainfall.

Are Termites More Active in the Summer?

Yes, termites are more active in the summer. With warm weather, they don’t have to tunnel deep into soil or wood to survive.

Which Termites Swarm?

All termite species swarm, but there’s one type of termite you’re most likely to find swarming on your property on Long Island. It’s the eastern subterranean termite. With distinct creamy white bodies and brownish heads, they typically swarm in March, April, and May.

What Are Termite Swarms?

Termites are usually classified into three groups: Workers, Soldiers, and Swarmers. Swarmers leave their nests in large numbers in the spring for reproduction. Female swarmers release mating pheromones to attract males. The termites couple and begin to nest. You may notice large groups of these winged termites gathered outside your home, possibly near their mud tubes. 

After coupling, male termites shed their wings. If you see those wings in your home, it’s a telltale sign that you may have an infestation.

Be Prepared for Termite Season

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Get peace of mind today – speak with a licensed technician to safeguard your space from termites.

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