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When is Termite Season in Long Island?

Unlike many types of insects, termites are active year-round. However, many people consider springtime to be termite season because this is when the reproductives – also called swarmers – will leave the nest to establish a new colony. 

Here in Long Island, you’re most likely to encounter a termite swarm sometime between late March and June since the weather is fairly mild and conducive to termite reproduction.

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Do Termites Go Away in the Winter?

Termites do not go away or die off in the winter. Once temperatures start to drop in the fall, these pests will dig deeper into wood or soil where they can stay warm even through freezing weather. If they’ve infested a climate-controlled structure like a home, then termites don’t have to change their behavior at all to survive the winter. They can remain just as destructive and will even continue to reproduce if possible. 

Many people assume that termites will hibernate if they get too cold. However, these pests don’t hibernate; in fact, they don’t sleep at all. Termites work around the clock all year long to find food, expand their tunnels, and reproduce. That’s why it’s crucial to watch for signs of termite damage no matter the season and invest in ongoing termite prevention.

Do Termites Prefer Warm Weather?

Though termites are active throughout the entire year, they do prefer mild temperatures ranging from 70° to 90° Fahrenheit. They also thrive when there’s a little bit of gentle rain, as they need moisture to survive. That’s why you’re most likely to see swarming termites on a warm day shortly following rainfall, especially in the spring.

Are Termites More Active in the Summer?

While termites are capable of causing severe damage all year long, they do tend to be more active in the summer. With the warmer weather, these insects won’t have to worry about staying too deep inside of soil or wood to survive. That said, heated homes or buildings will see the same amount of termite activity regardless of the weather.

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