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Are Termite Treatments Safe?

When administered and monitored by a licensed pest professional, termite treatments are safe. These products are some of the pest industry’s most advanced treatments, and qualified experts know how to safely handle them for the best and safest results possible.

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Common Types of Termite Treatments

There are several types of termite treatment options, but at Arrow Exterminating, we use the two industry-leading methods: bait stations and liquid treatments. The right choice for your needs depends on the type and severity of your infestation. Here’s a breakdown of how the different termite treatments work:

Bait Stations

These are generally installed on the ground near your home. They contain an active ingredient that is more attractive to termites than wood, but that prevents the termite from maturing. Since the termites will stop molting, they will die without reproducing. 

Bait stations require ongoing service and inspections. Placement also matters, as you don’t want to endanger any of the other organisms on your property. If you’re interested in this type of treatment, ask a professional to see if it’s right for your needs. 

Liquid Termiticides

If you don’t like the idea of setting bait stations around your property, a liquid termite treatment may be the best option for you. If a termite comes into contact with the termiticide, they’ll become contaminated and carry it back to the colony. Over time, the termiticide will spread throughout the colony like a virus. 

This type of treatment is a little more hands-off; once it’s been professionally applied, it could provide protection against termites for more than a decade at a time.

Are DIY Termite Treatments Safe?

If you search DIY or homemade termite treatments, you’re sure to come across hundreds of all-natural and perfectly safe options. However, the real question is, are DIY termite treatments effective? More often than not, homemade termite remedies are completely ineffective. Since these tiny pests can cause serious harm to your property and lead to safety issues like structural instability, it’s crucial to completely eradicate the colony with professional assistance.

Which Termite Treatment is the Best?

When it comes to termite removal and prevention, there isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that works for everybody. That’s why we recommend consulting a termite control professional who can examine your property and provide you with a custom treatment plan. To find the best way to protect your home from termites, just call Arrow Exterminating today!

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