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Are Termite Treatments Safe?

Termite treatments are some of the pest industry’s most advanced and effective products. When administered by a professional pest control expert, termite treatments are completely safe and reliable.

In general, if a professional exterminator is assisting, you can rest easy knowing that the termite treatment is completely safe. Trying to treat termites on your own can be harmful, making it important to make sure you work with a trained pest control expert.

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How Does Termite Treatment Work?

Liquid termite treatments and baiting systems are very popular and effective in controlling and preventing infestations.

The advantage of liquid termiticides is the fact that it allows for targeted treatment and can last for more than a decade. Baiting stations, on the other hand, are a great system for those who would prefer not to use chemicals on the ground. As long as they’re monitored, they also offer effective long term termite prevention.

Safe and Effective Termite Treatments on Long Island

Our expert termite exterminators use safe and effective eco-friendly treatments to solve your termite problem. Depending on the nature of the infestation and your property, we’ll deploy a combination of termite bait stations and liquid termiticides:

  1. Termite Bait Stations
    • Bait stations are installed in the ground around your home. The scientifically engineered bait stations begin to work immediately to kill any underground termite colonies
    • These bait stations use an active ingredient that’s nearly ten times more attractive to termites than wood and prevents termites from maturing. When the termites are unable to molt, they die
    • Ongoing service and inspections by a professional pest control expert ensure the bait system continues to work month after month and year after year
  2. Liquid Termite Treatments
    • As soon as a termite ingests or touches our liquid termiticide, it becomes a carrier, transferring it to other termites it contacts
    • These termites become secondary carriers, behaving normally while they transfer the treatment to other termites they contact as it spreads like a virus through the colony
    • This unique, spiraling process is called the “transfer effect,” and it helps deliver devastating results to termites and maximizes the protection of your home

Which Termite Treatment is the Best?

Different termite treatments have different applications where they work well. If you are working with a termite control company, your exterminator will help determine which treatment is safest and most effective for your situation.

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