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When is Termite Treatment Necessary in Long Island?

Termite treatment involves more than just spraying pesticides or laying bait stations. For best results, it should be an ongoing process with an emphasis on preventative maintenance.

If you think you may have termites in your home or business, it’s important to hire a professional termite exterminator to treat the active infestation as soon as possible. After it’s been controlled, a termite expert can help you prevent future infestations.

an exterminator explains what termite damage looks like

Termite Treatment Lifespan

Different termite treatments last for different amounts of time. There are a few factors that determine when additional termite treatment is necessary, including how effective the treatment was to begin with as well as the severity of the infestation.

Liquid termiticides can often last the longest, with some lasting for nearly a decade. Bait stations require a professional to inspect the stations on a regular basis, providing ongoing protection.

What Time of Year Do I Need Termite Treatment?

To keep your Long Island home protected against termites, regular treatments by a professional pest control company are important.

Many pest control companies offer year-round services with preventative maintenance that protect your home year-round. Some treatments require more monitoring than others, but it’s always smart to have something in place for year-round protection against an infestation.

Year-Round Termite Treatment

Most professional pest control companies will recommend getting treated at least once a year to further protect your home from future infestations. If new applications of treatment aren’t necessary, annual inspections can help keep you informed.

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