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Cookouts and barbecues are back on the summer menu. How do you keep bugs from joining the party? Just a few simple steps to create a pest-free patio.

How Do I Keep Bugs Out of My Yard for a Party?

Backyard pests can come in several varieties – mosquitoes, wasps, yellowjackets, hornets, ants, ticks, and more. While you can find a lot of DIY advice, the effectiveness varies widely, particularly for ticks, and location-based DIY solutions are probably useless (though the advice on how to check yourself for ticks is useful).

If you are interested in having your backyard sprayed, call us at Arrow Exterminating for effective solutions. Additionally, some pre-party planning can decrease insect invaders that would ruin a good time.

  1. Remove standing water – Mosquitoes lay eggs in water, even as small as rainwater in a soda cap. Other insects can also be drawn to standing water. If it rains before the party, look for and deal with puddles.
  2. Mow your lawn – Several kinds of insects like tall grass. Mowing your lawn the day before the party will take away their incentive to hang around.
  3. Cover and move your trash – If your normal location for trash and recycling cans is anywhere near the party area, move them further away and keep them covered.
  4. What to do about garbage from the party? Walking the distance won’t hurt, but you also don’t want plates with crumbs and scraps laying around to attract bugs either. When in doubt, have a smaller, covered trashcan accessible for your guests. You are better off emptying it more frequently than to have food around attracting bugs.
  5. Change outside lights -Switch to yellow bug lights. The yellow light is much less likely to attract insects than white light does. Or make sure your party ends before dusk when certain insects, like mosquitoes, become highly active.
  6. Consider mosquito netting

Not a solution for everyone… but if you have a gazebo, pergola, etc., adding mosquito netting will give you extra protection against all sorts of flying insects.

How Do You Get Rid of Bugs for Outdoor Parties?

Want to be sure you have a pest-free* patio? In addition to the before-party preparations list above (like having your yard sprayed), things you do during your party can make a big difference in making sure you do not attract insects. Such as:

  1. Keep food covered – That big platter of food, plate of fresh fruit, or bowl of coleslaw? It’s an open invitation for bugs to visit. Consider keeping the bulk of the food inside and having people fill their plates there.
    Cover any food that you do have outside. This includes around the grill area. While the smoke from cooking will deter some insects… that plate nearby with burgers going on or coming off the grill? It could still attract wasps and other insects that bring protein back to their nest to feed larvae – especially if that plate is upwind of the smoke.
  2. Use sealed drink containers – Wasps and yellowjackets LOVE sweet liquids. If you have ever picked up your cup of soda or iced tea at a party, fair, amusement park, or picnic and found a yellowjacket or wasp in it… that’s why.
    Stick with sealed containers like individual bottles of soda or drink containers with lids. If you have to use plastic cups, cover the tops with plastic wrap or aluminum foil and poke a straw through to limit the exposed area. Use straws with soda cans, too, so you don’t end up with a nasty surprise when you try to take a sip if a yellowjacket has crawled inside.
  3. Clean up spills quickly – Wasps, yellowjackets, hornets, and other pests don’t just go after your sugary drinks. Drippings from Popsicles®, ice cream, and more will also attract them. A quick clean-up can prevent stings as well as more routine pests like flies.
  4. Light candles or Tiki torches – The smoke from either candles or backyard tiki torches burning can deter insects – with or without citronella.
  5. Set up fans

A lot of insects are not strong flyers. Mosquitoes are especially known for being weak flyers. Having a few fans blowing around the edge of your party area can create a perimeter they’ll have problems crossing.

Arrow Can Protect Your Property

Whether you are concerned about ticks, yellowjackets, hornets, or mosquitoes, Arrow Exterminating has the solution. Arrow’s experts will help you identify if you have a problem, explain our plan to eradicate your infestation, and give you the peace of mind you need. To get started, contact Arrow Exterminating today.

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