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Fleas are a tiny pest that can show up in any home, regardless of whether you have pets or not. However, pets (such as dogs and cats) are such convenient hosts for fleas that infestations are much more common in households with pets. If you’re a pet owner, then, there are some things you need to know about fleas and protecting your household.

They Can Quickly Infest Your Home

Consider for a moment that a single female flea can produce hundreds of offspring over the course of just one month. With that in mind, it only takes a few lone fleas burrowing under your pet’s fur to quickly multiply and lead to a full-on infestation. Once an infestation starts, it can be very difficult to control without help from a professional exterminating service.

They’re Completely Preventable

The good news is that you can protect your pets from fleas (and other pests) with the right preventative medication. Flea preventatives come in a variety of forms, including flea collars that your pet wears and monthly medications that you give your pet in pill form. There are even topical applications that can be applied to your pet’s coat monthly to prevent fleas.

If your pet isn’t already on a preventative, talk to a veterinarian to see which option is best for your needs and lifestyle.

Indoor Pets Need Treatment as Well

Don’t assume that only outdoor pets (such as dogs) need prevention medicine for fleas. Indoor pets, such as strictly indoor cats, should still be given a flea preventative for added protection and peace of mind. After all, it only takes one person (or outside animal) bringing a couple of fleas into your home before your indoor pet could be affected as well.

Fleas can not only be a major nuisance, but can even affect your pet’s dermatological health if the infestation is severe enough. To find out more about flea prevention or treatment, contact us today. We’ve been proudly serving the surrounding communities with their pest control needs for almost 70 years.

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